BatteryHow do I Maintain my Battery Life?

You've most likely heard a few people say you should deplete your battery totally before charging it, or that you should keep it 40% and 80% to make it last longer. Most of these principles only applying to nickel-based batteries. Fortunately, most parts of your devices nowadays keep running on Lithium Ion batteries, which are anything but difficult to deal with.





Here is our guide on how to improve your Batteries lifespan

It is Unnecessary to deplete the battery to 0% or to keep your battery in between 40%-80% but I will Help prolong your battery life. Once in a while you may want to run the battery to 0%. They last longer when you unplug your device in short sessions, keep them cool, and don't leave them connected when they're running at 100%. All in All batteries have a limited life regardless, and your endeavors will just go up until now—so don't worry about it. Concentrate your endeavors on showing signs of improvement battery life out of your iPhone, Android telephone, or workstation on a given charge rather—and knowing how to supplant the battery when it begins kicking the bucket.